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06-Nov-2017 10:10

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LINKEDIN: THE NEW WAY TO DATE ONLINE From nightclubs, to bar scene, to blind dates, and even to scared spaces of worship, these were all once traditional watering holes of those seeking meet and date someone one on quest for true love.

However, now that we are firmly entrenched inside the digital age, times and the people who inhabit them have changed. After all, when opportunity meets need, innovation and improvisation are guaranteed.

College, after college, Thirsty Thursdays, all that (a lot of) people really focus on is getting through their week and having some fun along the way.

With this general fleeting attitude comes the same perspective on dating—it is what it is.

Someone who we can build a real, deep, emotional connection with. Mind games, drama, whatever you want to call it—when we are in our earlier 20’s I think a lot of us have a much greater tolerance for this kind of instability.

The desire to find someone we can go out and have a good time with gives way to the desire to find someone who we can and have a good time with. Maybe it comes along with being a little less serious about life in general—which of course is replaced by real goals and ambitions as we get older.

She felt the same way, and after a few weeks of dating, she moved her life from Tahiti to the U. It was like there was a hole in heaven and God’s loveliest angel fell right in front of me,” Willis said about their first date.In April 2011, Willis took a chance on love and created a dating profile on First Met.