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23-Dec-2017 18:50

And given the choice between having just one boy with whom to spend all my time or a group of boys, friends trumped boyfriend.

In college there were a handful of guys who probably could have been my first, but things never quite worked out.

Will save the devs a lot of time, I'm just worried it'll be like the other filter where you can't say "spoon" or anything. I activated Chat Filtering and sometimes I got my speech covered by asterisk, probably because of missing spaces between words (a random bug of swipe keyboard on android), that foolished filtering sistem in some way. I always figured I would never get banned because I mostly behave myself but I foresee a fire grate death followed by a eff word and an autoban coming my way Note to self.....behave!

I hope content autocontrol will be implemented as an automatic alert system for an human to check, or my days on PL are approaching a bad end... ALS, Any chance of implementing this with a warning first for a week or two so we can have a chance to avoid unintentional or unwarranted mute/bans?

"It's not like we're sending naked pictures back and forth," she said. Even the AARP acknowledges the trend: "..reality is that more and more of the 50-plus set, both single and married, routinely use text messaging to send tantalizing pictures and provocative words to their partner..."Reframing Sexting Indeed, sexting may be more popular among adults than you think.

A new survey on sexting found that 88 percent of respondents, ages 18-82, said they'd done it, and 82 percent said they'd done it in the past year (including the 82-year-old).

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Wait until the third date and you risk being considered a tease. Perhaps, but at this point you’re both still fretting over whether or not to eat another piece of bread; delving into sexual histories (or lack thereof) seems a bit extreme. I should be better at sharing this bit of information by now.

Most of these words should not be said for any reason in any of Spacetime Studios' products and include hate speech terms, sex chat terms, etc.

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