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18-Jul-2017 21:23

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The usage of the term: 'beard,' also known as ‘lavender dating,’ or ‘front dating,’ dates to the twentieth century, prior to the gay rights movements.

This was at a time when homosexual relationships had not yet gained public acceptance.

Today, beard or lavender dating is rarely used as a result of greater acceptance of homosexuality in both the United States and Western Europe but is still occasionally today used by young individuals from traditional communities or conservative countries.

In a typical scenario, X and Y are in a supposedly exclusive relationship, but X is actually cheating with Z.

The beard can gift a man a chin, make him look like your dad, make him look like Jafar from Aladdin (a look which would also require the use of actual eyeliner), you name it!

Damn, have you ever seen a man with a beard wearing eyeliner? Someone better move the coffee table before I get started down that road.

A man reconfiguring his beard is like he’s giving himself a built-in makeover.

Some part of our brains still look at beards and think, “Hmmm, his body hair isn’t crawling with mites or affected by any sort of visible lesions. ” Of course, you always run the very small risk of admiring someone’s delightful beard, only to later find yourself confronted by open lesions or bug-infested pubic hair.

But hey, no one ever said the road to romance was easy. Just as a cat’s eye is different then an every day look, a man’s beard can be styled a dozen different ways.

I don't have a baby or a puppy, but I do have a beard.

And, apparently, these are three things in life that total strangers think it's OK to coo over and pet without first greeting the person to which they belong."I thought up the idea of a website which networks people who have beards with people who like to stroke beards," he told me.

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