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Joseph Mayer of New York founded the town and opened a hotel and a stage stop in 1881.

Before the Euro-Americans the earliest culture was the ancient people the Hohokams, their descendants became the Yavapai, and are now the present day Yavapai-Prescott tribe. The camp contained much of the necessary infrastructure such as barracks, a recreational hall, bathhouses, latrines, a school building, infirmary, utilities, and roads.

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On January 19, 1942, the New York Times reported that Harvard University instructor Dr.So SUID:a-maye; Densho Name: Mayer; USGName: Mayer Assembly Center, Arizona; Type: Temporary Assembly Center; Admin Agency: Wartime Civil Control Administration; Date Opened: May 7, 1942; Date Closed: June 2, 1942; Location Name: Mayer, Arizona; City Name: Mayer; State Name: AZ; Description: Located 75 miles northwest of Phoenix, Arizona, Mayer was set on land that was originally farmland.; GISLat:34.3833; GISLng:-112.2333; GISTGNId:2007019; Current Disposition:; Population Description: Held people from southern Arizona.; Exit Destination: Poston; Peak Population:245; Peak Date:1942-05-25; NPSMore Info Resource Link: Official Resource Link:; The Mayer Assembly Center, with a peak population of just 245 inmates, was the least populated of all the "assembly centers" and also the one in operation for the shortest time.