Xcode iphone icon not updating

29-Dec-2017 18:04

This is an informal collection of advice; feel free to add to it and rearrange.

A lot of this is from #theos on irc.- if you're working on updating your tweaks and you use Theos, join in and share what you've learned (see IRC).

Apple has released the first build of the i OS 7 Beta to developers, ahead of what is likely to be a long summer of beta testing.

The first build, number 11A4372q, was released for the i Phone 5, 4S and 4, along with the fifth-generation i Pod Touch and new betas for the Apple TV and a beta of Find My i Phone.

Compiling for ARMv6 and ARM64 is useful in only a subset of normal situations.

If you've made it this far and you do not have a particular reason to retain ARMv6 support, please see the above section.

Setup rpetrich’s theos: rpetrich's theos is using objc's hooking method instead of Mobile Substrate therefore it doesn't link with MS by default.

This is OK if you are only hooking objc messages, but if you need to use MSHook Function, you have to tell theos to link to lib substrate: (note from saurik: I highly disrecommend not using Substrate's MSHook Message implementation; I never understood why rpetrich doesn't use it, but on multiple occasions the way we hook messages has had to change, and centralizing it in Substrate means that I can fix it once for everyone's compiled extensions...

It will save you hours of aggravation dealing with a number of problems you might see including:• Old images that you've replaced, still showing up in your app.• The Derived Data folder growing continuously over time, often taking up 10 gigabytes of space.• Constants/Defines not updating in the app after you've changed them in the code.• Localization file changes not being seen.• Phantom breakpoints and/or breakpoints stopping on the wrong line.• Xcode refusing to run a build on your device, only reporting something obscure like: "Error launching remote program: No such file or directory" You will often clean build, quit Xcode, restart your Mac and devices and sometimes even blow away your entire repo and re-clone, just to try and fix some strange bug that doesn't make sense and won't go away - wasting precious hours.

You also want to make sure you’ve upgraded to Xcode 4 by now, by installing the i OS 4.3 (or later) SDK, if you haven’t done so already.